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Kimberly Jones-Carr, LLMFT

Hi, and welcome to therapy. Choosing to come to therapy I understand can be a serious decision in one's life. Therapy is a way to positively solve issues, like looking at a puzzle and slowly putting the pieces together, so that you as the individual are able to achieve the tools to later take out into the community and apply to your life outside of therapy


The goal of therapy is to not only figure out the puzzles in your life, but to learn emotional tools to use in your life with communicating and interacting with others. listening to client's and humbly understanding what they are going through is so important.

I believe that starting therapy by listening, understanding, validating, kindness, openness, honesty, and helping the individual feel emotionally safe are basis for therapy. This is a beginning of a therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the individual. Being humble to the experience of the individual in therapy is a vital part of learning.

I am very empathetic to the individuals' experience, looking to the individual as the teacher of their life experiences helps me understand what different therapies can be used. I work with children, adolescents, families, and adults. Coping with change or making a change in life can sometimes be overwhelming, it's nice to know therapists can help.

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