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Tammy M. Thompson


Let's start the conversation! Life involves constant change, challenges, setbacks, and defining moments, with great potential to learn and grow from the experience. Occasionally, it might be a transition or disruption, while other times, catastrophic, life-altering, and traumatic. A sudden or unexpected loss, grief, debilitating illness, addiction, divorce, broken family systems, starting over. Sometimes, we’ve lost our way, hit roadblocks, feel trapped, or maybe even paralyzed. That's when we really need to connect, there is no reason to go it alone. I can help, you'll have to come along, reach out, and trust the process.


I'm deeply committed to supporting your journey into healing. We all need someone we can trust, who will lend support, to find and develop better, skills, and solutions. I offer both in-person/remote sessions. We can build the tools, set the plan that works, and goals that will help us work through it, and get to a healthier, more joy-filled life.


 I utilize life experience, education, and clinical training as a daughter, sister, mother,  teacher, coach, and counselor who has recovered, done the work, and healed. The space we will meet together in is comfortable, safe, and relaxed so that we can have a conversational style session, release, process,  grow and transform. It takes Acceptance and a Commitment to yourself. 


I use TSF (Twelve Step Facilitation), CBT (Conginatiave Behavioral Therapy), CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy, which helps with Trauma/PTSD), and Talk therapy which goes by multiple names, including psychotherapy, counseling, and therapy (communication-based method to assess, diagnose, and treat concerns related to emotions, thinking, and behavior patterns).


Together, we will help you develop a good understanding of the problem, learn how to manage it, create healthy practices through mindful techniques, utilize workbooks/journaling, and self-care practices that will elevate your mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual self. There is also suggested participation in ACA, Al-Anon, and or AA Zoom meetings, which help create a wonderful fellowship, and support system that can last a lifetime. 


Available both in office and remote.

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