Tammy M. Thompson, MAEd, LLPC, CADC

Let's start the conversation, I'm here for teletherapy and in person sessions.  Life involves constant change, and due to life’s challenges, setbacks, and defining moments, there is always the potential for growth. Occasionally, it might be simple life transitions (changes, challenges, disruptions), while other times, catastrophic, life-altering experiences: Trauma, sudden or unexpected loss, grief, major illness, divorce and life adjustments. Sometimes, we’ve lost our way, hit a roadblock, feel trapped, maybe even paralyzed. Your life isn’t falling apart, in fact, it may be just coming together.  No matter what the circumstances are, there is hope, acceptance, peace and quality of life.

Finding the courage to seek therapy is the first step to change. You are investing in yourself. My therapeutic style is warm, unconditional acceptance, and support. My greatest passion in life is helping people. I am committed to my clients and care deeply about helping them achieve positive outcomes through therapy.


Addiction, family systems, codependency, anxiety, depression, ADHD, learning differences, adjustment, life skill building, educational planning, support resources, divorce, single parenting, caretaking, career planning, end-of-life planning, and more.

Available both in office and remote.