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Vivianna Rubles, LLPC 


My understanding of counseling comes from many different theoretical orientations. I believe that clients have the solutions to their dilemmas within themselves and just need assistance in discovering them. We have the freedom to choose what directions our lives take and the responsibility to take control of that freedom. Therefore, as a counselor, I don’t have the answers to problems but will facilitate the process of helping clients take control and action to come to their own resolutions. This is a holistic process and I fully believe that with the right guidance clients can fulfill their truest desires in life.

I believe in client-led treatment. Counseling involves sharing personal concerns and stories in a safe, judgment-free environment. I offer clients the opportunity to identify their concerns, develop a plan of action, and implement that plan and skills into daily life. This is a very personal process and takes as long as it needs.


I invite clients to call or email me to discuss anything they need before sessions begin. Let's get to know one another and decide the best course of action together. We are a team! I am very open and inviting and I hope the same of you if you decide to reach out. Making the call is scary but it is also the first step to healing.

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