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Angelo Gilmore, LMSW, LPC

If and when you feel trapped and worried about life and its circumstances understand this. You cannot just become a passive victim of you own circumstance’s you must become the architect of your own life even though negative forces in your life have drawn up the initial blue print you must recognize the plan take a stand and change the design.

Individual counseling can give you the opportunity to confidentially talk through problems or situations and then equip you with the tools needed to cope with them more appropriately and explore your many different issues.  Let me help inspire change in your life and improve the quality of it.

Individual counseling, couples counseling, rehabilitation counseling, stress management, LBGTQ, Men’s issues, Depression, Anxiety PTSD, Spirituality, Grief counseling as it relates to the psychology of death and dying is the core of my practices.

Feel free to contact me at you earliest convenience to discuss your circumstance leading you into considering counseling intervention.
  Both in-person and virtual appointments are available.

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