Kelly Trowhill, LLMFT

You are the expert on you. When you and I sit together it is an exploration of your goals and ideas which inspire us to find innovative ways to command your strengths and vulnerabilities to shape the outcomes you seek. Being curious, creative, and attentive I ask that you and I partner in this journey of discovery of what is within you.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I explored many cultures, belief systems, and ideologies. By living in many places across the US I gathered experiences that help me to meet you where you are. Studying decision-making under stress, trauma, and working in crisis situations informed me about being wholly present with you, listening to hear, and learn from you.

Having been in crisis situations and with others who endured hardships, as well as growing up in a family who took in children who felt abandoned, unloved, outsiders, and the abused I learned empathy, compassion, and to see people others dismiss. My goal is to create a safe situation and location where you can begin to heal.

Accepting new clients for in person sessions at her Sandusky, MI location or telehealth services for individuals throughout the state of Michigan.

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