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Erin Kalka, LMFT 


I believe big changes happen as a result of taking small needed steps, and by making small changes. This allows a person to become "unstuck" from the old beliefs, emotions, behaviors, and ways if thinking that are harmful. I use a primarily solution-focused perspective and systemic lens while working with my clients. I believe life is constantly moving and changing, and it is important, on a journey towards growth and healing that a person feels supported and is equipped to handle life's challenges. Whatever the issue(s), age, desires, or goals, I will help to move you forward in both a positive and meaningful direction.

I work with individuals, couples, and families in a collaborative manner, focusing on each person's identified and unique treatment goals. I am experienced working in different settings and with different populations/conditions including; Anxiety, Depression, trauma, marital/family conflict, adolescent issues, Bipolar disorder, BPD, and substance abuse.

Identifying and replacing harmful patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving is just one way to help create long-term, lasting changes. A beginning is all that is required and the desired results do follow. Ready to find meaningful solutions to life's problems and obstacles? I look forward to with meeting you and to working alongside you on this journey.

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Offering both in-person or telehealth sessions.

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